2015-16 Enrolment

 In the interest of maintaining a distraction-free environment on school days, we do not entertain one-on-one visits for exploring the school for admissions.  Prospective parents are requested to sign up for an Open Day and attend that.  Phone calls regarding admissions are also to be avoided.  Please EMAIL us to explore admission.

Please email bangaloresteinerschool@gmail.com   your child’s name, DOB,  current school/KG name and home location (area name is enough), and also, Names/DOB of older and younger siblings if any.

If you wish to actively pursue enrolment for 2015-16 academic year, you are requested to ensure that BOTH parents attend the FULL session of one of our Open Days.  You may attend together or on separate days.  Attendance of BOTH parents is a prerequisite for issuance of application forms as and when the admission process starts.     PRIOR Registration is compulsory for attendance as we can only accommodate 50 adults at a time.  Open Days will be held from 9.30 to 12.30 pm in 2014-15 on the following dates:

  • 2 August (Cancelled due to Talk by visiting Mentor)
  • 13 September
  • 11 October
  • 21 December
  • 17 January
  • 7 March

We prefer that children do NOT come along for the session so that parents can fully listen and focus on the session.

Admissions will be open ONLY for limited spots for Academic Year 2015-16 as follows:

  • Prep Class (Child 5 years before 1 Feb, 2015)
  • Class 1 (Child 6 years before 1 Feb, 2015)
  • Class 3 (child 8 years before 1 Feb 2015)  
  • Limited spots in Class 4 and 5. 

Details of our Annual Public Event - Christmas Bazar 2013 will be up soon.
8th December Sunday 11am to 3pm.

Admissions Open

Enrolments for Academic Year 2014-15
Our academic year begins in June and finishes in March like most other schools in Karnataka.   The first intake for academic year 2014-15  will begin on 3 August 2013 and  the first set of acceptances will be finalized in December 2013.  Only limited spots will be open thereafter for the Second Intake in 2014.   For this enrolment cycle, most spots will be open for Prep and a few for Class 1. Only some spots are available in Classes 3 and 4.

Enrolment Age
A child must be at least 6 years of age on February 1, 2014 to start Class 1 in June 2014.  Admissions to our Prep class will be for children 5 years upwards.
What is a Steiner-Waldorf Prep Class?
A Prep class is the culminating 1 or 2 years (based on when the child turns 6 years of age) of the Early Childhood Years in preparation for Class 1.  Since the child around the age of 5 has capacity for a longer attention span and is able to work in a group better,  the Prep program provides a stronger experience of ‘doing’ activities like painting, knitting, sewing, circle time, 2nd & 3rd language exposure through songs, cooking, gardening and plenty of time for free play in an extended day 9am to 3pm.  The afternoon is reserved for a post lunch nap, story & outdoor play at school.  There is NO writing and reading but learning happens in a myriad of ways in preparation for Class 1.

Enrolment Process
Prospective parents must attend an Open Day to understand Steiner education and get to know our school. Attendance of BOTH parents is compulsory even if you attend on different days.  Open Day for a 2-hour Information session and school tour will be held on:
3 August, 2013, Saturday 10am to 12.30pm
31 August, 2013, Saturday 10am to 12.30pm
19 October 2013, Saturday 10am to 12.30pm
Information session at Open Day will cover the following:
·        Background of Steiner-Waldorf Education.  Relationship to Child Development and Why Steiner education works in an age-appropriate way.  Examples of how Core subjects are taught in the classroom.  FAQ- Fee structure, Logistics, Admission process etc.  School tour

Prior booking for the Open Day of your choice by EMAIL is essential.
Please send an EMAIL to enrolments@bangaloresteinerschool.org to book a spot for the day for adults attending.
When you book, please provide your name, your child's name, your child's date of birth and current KG/school and a contact phone number.

After attending the Open Day, interested parents can then fill in an application form. Applications packs given out ONLY after BOTH parents attend one of the Open Day info sessions. Enrolment Application Submission Deadline  28 October, 2013 Monday.  

Meeting with parents and an assessment of the child completes the process of exploration. The date for parent interview & child assessment for the First Intake is as follows:  (interested parents are requested to keep this day free for the admission process)
16 November, 2013 Saturday

2013-14 Enrolments

All admissions Open Days and Enrolment processes for 2013-14 have been completed.  The new academic year will start in June 2013.

Any further enquiries regarding enrolments should be sent by email ONLY to enrolments@bangaloresteinerschool.org with child's NAME, DOB, current KG/school and names & contact phone numbers of parents.

OPEN DAY for Enrolments 2013-14
Second Intake - Limited Spots in Classes Prep to Grade 6 
at Sompura Gate Premises, Off Sarjapur Road 

23 February 2013, SATURDAY
09:45am to 12:30pm
Compulsory attendance for parents seeking 2013-14 enrolment
Prior booking by email essential.  
Email us with NAME,  DOB & current school/kindergarten of child and contact info of parents to book your spot.

2 hour Interactive Session & School tour
Please PRINT Directions:  http://www.bangaloresteinerschool.org/Bss%20map.pdf

Best if both parents could attend this session as it will not only have a good introduction to Steiner-Waldorf education but also include details of the Grade school curriculum, classroom demos, exhibits of children’s work and a school premises tour.    This Open Day will work for anyone who is new to this education and also be suitable for parents who may be already familiar with Steiner’s work and want to explore Bangalore Steiner School as an option for their children.

Talk & Tour strictly for Adults only.Children (6years+) may accompany and play independently outdoors. Bring your own carer for babies & toddlers, not allowed inside the session venue.